Profit Proven Products, Innovation, Variety
Flexibility and Selection
From standard bakery packaging, such as grease resistant corrugated cake boards and paperboard bakery boxes to high end gold scallop cake boards and custom printed window boxes, Honeymoon has the size and appearance that is right for you and your customers.
Most standard and non-standard products do not require minimums. Custom designed, run-and-ship, items are available in reasonable minimums. Corrugated and folding cartons can be packaged together. Reasonable minimums, a wide variety of sizes, styles and price points are some of the ways Honeymoon takes care of you.
And since Honeymoon makes most all the paper-based products a bakery, pizza parlor, deli, restaurant or processor needs, you can serve diverse markets without overloading your inventory.
Innovation and Quality Products When You Need Them!
Honeymoon’s industry knowledge, hands-on experience and hard work create new products quickly. Custom-designed products provide you with additional selling opportunities and more satisfied customers.
Honeymoon thrives on solving challenging problems. Our experienced sales and technical professionals will make sales calls with your sales team – a collaboration that creates innovative solutions!
Service and Beyond
The Honeymoon team is focused on your success. When you need quality and you need it on-time, partner with Honeymoon and enjoy straight talk and shorter and more predictable lead times. All this means increased inventory turns and improved margins.
To learn more about solutions, flexibility and service, please click here or call 1-800-635-7600.