Increase Productivity and Quality with Attractive, Functional Packaging!
Helping You Bake More for Less
When you partner with Honeymoon, you will receive custom solutions that exactly match your unique needs.
Bake-in trays from Honeymoon provide consistent results and high-volume productivity that further increase your profitability. These unique trays allow you to produce, transport, sell and serve - all from just one container. Of course, having one container for the life of your product saves you the extra steps and labor associated with switching containers.
Honeymoon manufactures a wide assortment of circles and boards with both 3/8 inch and 15mm centering knockout holes that run smoothly on automatic icing lines. These quality products come in Baker’s White or coated gold scallop or non-scallop, with or without centering holes. Made to precise incremental measurements and exacting tolerances, these circles and boards are engineered for carefree running, right on through your metal detectors.
If you have questions about coatings, you can rely on Honeymoon’s considerable expertise. It’s all part of Honeymoon’s comprehensive solutions.
Honeymoon is AIB certified and committed food service safety.
Every year since joining AIB, in 1997, Honeymoon has achieved AIB’s highest rating Superior.
AIB (American Institute of Baking) is a recognized third party organization that audits any company involved with the safety of our national food supply chain.  AIB also develops and conducts training that educates companies on best good manufacturing practices (GMP). As a manufacture of products that come in direct contact with food, Honeymoon is deeply commitment to adhering to or exceeding GMP standards.  All of Honeymoon’s facilities have been audited.
Honeymoon’s food safety documents can also be found on ICIX and QADEX.
To learn about baking more for less or about Honeymoon’s commitment to foodservice safety, please click click here or call 1-800-635-7600.