Attractive Packaging to Improve Your Merchandising and Maximize Shelf Life!
Creating a Signature Look  
Taste is important, but when displaying a cake the first impact is made by how the cake looks. We can help you show off your cake in packaging from Honeymoon.  
You can choose from a complete line of cake boxes, cake pads and circles designed to help you sell more product.  
In addition, Honeymoon has packaging for baked goods that performs multiple functions, including bake-in trays that are oven-safe and release baked goods with ease.  
Helping Your Baked Goods Look Great and Stay Fresher!  
Of course, in addition to appearance, freshness is vital!  
Honeymoon provides a vast selection of exterior packaging that accents the look of your products and maximizes their shelf-life.  
It all adds up to more sales and less waste.  
Packaging from A to Z: Cakes to Doughnuts to Pizzas to Restaurant Carry Out!  
Honeymoon has a complete selection of pizza boxes and pads. Doughnut and Cake packaging includes locked corner trays, auto trays and automatic window cartons. Restaurant carry out includes nested trays, automatic lunch and dinner boxes along with an assortment of sizes and prints on barn style cartons.  
And, if what you need is a custom package, Honeymoon is ready to serve you!  
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