March 13, 2020



Dear Valued Business Partners


Re: coronavirus (COVID-19)


In response to many of your concerns and inquires surrounding the coronavirus, we felt it appropriate to share with you what steps we are taking to insure continuous safe supply of the packaging we provide for you. 


Honeymoon has a robust mitigation plan through our AIB certification GMP protocols that we are continually monitoring and updating as appropriate given the current environment.  To that end, we have:


  • Increased our communication with employees reviewing and informing on all current CDC best practices concerning the covid-19 virus including:
    • Increased hand washing
    • Elimination or curtailment of large group meetings and personal space
    • Increased sanitation at critical large communal contact areas
    • Relaxation of our sick policy point system with the message if you feel ill, stay home
  • We have added numerous sanitation stations at all entry points.
  • We are requiring gloves to handle on packaging that may come in contact with any food product.
  • Suspending vendor meetings and not allowing any entry of non employees into the manufacturing area.
  • Curtailing customer contact and travel at least until the end of March including any food or customer vendor show.
    • We will still be available and in contact to handle any customer issues as they arise via telephone, conference calls, skype,  etc….


As a 100% domestic supplier, we do not anticipate any raw material supply interruptions but if they should occur, we will endeavor to communicate promptly with possible solutions and work arounds.  We currently have plenty of inventories of finished goods and raw materials to satisfy our order rates.  We will monitor for spikes and react appropriately.




Kevin Gorsuch

Vice President, Sales