Bake-In Corrugated Trays

Bake-In Corrugated Trays

Of course, having one container for the life of your product saves you the extra steps and labor associated with switching containers. Bake-in trays from Honeymoon provide consistent results and high-volume productivity that further increase your profitability. These unique trays allow you to produce, transport, sell and serve - all from just one container.

Honeymoon has the size and appearance that is right for you and your customers. Most standard and non-standard products do not require minimums. Custom designed, run-and-ship, items are available in reasonable minimums.

If you donít see just what youíre looking for please call you Honeymoon representative at 1-800-635-7600.

Item Number Item Description Inv. Code Std UM Wt. Pk. Cube Tie Ht. Pallet Count
TRAY-R716111R 15-7/8x11-9/16x1.75 RTC2S SI CASE 14 50 1.15 4 7 28
TRAY-R723162R 23.5x16-5/16x2 RTC2 NS CASE 46 50 2.35 2 14 28
SI††Standard Item Stocked††††††NS††Non-Standard Item Stocked††††††RS††Run and Ship