Dinner Boxes

Dinner Boxes

Enjoy choosing from a broad selection of medium, large and extra large holiday dinner boxes, flat top and barn boxes. Your box can be plain, preprinted or custom printed - just for you. Carryout boxes from Honeymoon minimize storage space, erect quickly and lock fast and securely.

Below is a partial product listing.

If you don’t see just what you’re looking for please call your Honeymoon representative at 1-800-635-7600.

Item Number Item Description Inv. Code Std UM Wt. Pk. Cube Tie Ht. Pallet Count
DELI-1187COM 18-7/8x 18-7/8x2.5 Top/18 7 RS CASE 32 25 5.20 40
DELI-1TUR 17x10.75x9 SB1 Box-Plain RS CASE 25 25 3.95 20
DELI-1TUR-XL 23x16x11 SB1 Plain Turkey Box RS CASE 32 10 3.78 85
DELI-2BARNTUR 16.5x12.5x11.75 Barn Style RS CASE 18 10 3.95 160
DELI-2TUR 17x10.75x9 SB1 1C Box-Printed RS CASE 29 25 3.95 20
DELI-2TURLAR 17x13.5x11.25 1C Box-Printed RS CASE 24 15 4.49 67
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